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Learn to BLAZE the path to an amazing future by healing the hurts of a painful past!

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It's Time To

Many times we attempt to “fix” our lives or simply move forward without addressing anything at all.

We are taught to look over things and we learn how to survive!

We never stop to deal with the root or foundational issues and this keeps us from Building, Becoming and Blazing!

It’s time to live the life God called you to live and to BLAZE every trip He called you to BLAZE!

Are you ready to commit to YOU and do what it takes to start Blazing?



Pastor Tara (Pastor T) is a passionate speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of The Pretty Girl Movement and City Changers of Memphis. Tara is the Pastor and Founder of Redeemed Empowerment Center (The REC) in Memphis, TN.


Pastor T’s passion is pouring into God’s people for authentic healing, deliverance and transformation. She loves children and teens. She herself was a troubled teen and a teen mom twice. She understand what it is like to be bound and in need of true healing and she spends her life coaching and counseling people out of their Pain and into their purpose.


Tara’s testimony includes being delivered from molestation, rape, abortions, abandonment, low self esteem, rejections, ect. She knows God to be a healer and believes in true transformation when it comes to Gods people and His house. She is also a business woman and loves to cultivate and build entrepreneurs. Part of her vision is to host a school of entrepreneurship as a part of Redeemed Empowerment Center.


She loves families and Family activities and is building Redeemed to cultivate and nurture families in a loving and practical way. Pastor T is a wife to her husband Marc and a mother of four children, Deondra (DeeDee), Joshua (Josh), Taijah (TayTay) and Octavius Jr. (PJ).

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If you know you were born for more but can’t quite get to it.


If you’ve tried to get over “IT” but can’t quite do it.

If you keep finding yourself stuck in the same cycles and you’re ready to start brand new.

If you want your business, relationships, or your life to flourish but struggle with fear.

If you’re tired of living beneath your potential and ready to Blaze.

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initial session today!

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It’s time to live the life God called you to live!

He called you to Blaze!

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Looking for a

Discover how Tara can help you tap into your true potential.

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